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wrx trans in a gl-10

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I did some searching and found stuff stating that it can be done. but I've not found any proof of it being possible and what customizations have to be made. I've got the xt6 5 lug swap done. I know the outer front axles will work there. but the trans is a female not a male like the xt6 correct? I'm thinking I would have to run impreza axles. and then comes the gear ratio matching with the rear end and driveline length I believe is shorter. if anyone has any info on this I would love to hear it. I'm going to continue clicking on the search button in the meantime! forgot to mention I'm going to be doing a ej20t swap from a 94-96 sti

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Impreza axles will work if you change the innner seal on the hubs to match, or use ipreza hubs.


The driveshaft will have to be shortened 55mm. The trans crossmember will be a hybrid between an xt6 and wrx, so far as i know, and fits in 87 and up bodies with the wider trans tunnel (for 4eat)


for the rear, you would probably have to either hybrid the rear axles, or swap the guts from the wrx diff into an ea82 case.

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