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1.8 ej. scrap / core or..........

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I received a ej18 was told it was hydro locked and pulled for 2.2 swap have every thing but oil pan should i keep it? Scrap it? Was told it ran when pulled but he swaped it out because he had concerns of block warping? He had a 2.2 to be put in anyway....


So is any benefit to the heads on a 2.2 will it bump compression like the old 22re with 20r head....



Is it worth rebuilding or the internals good to Have around? Thought i remember reading they will fit in ea82.....




Gut it and and use it for a lighter mock up motor

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block would be less prone to warpage due to more material being there than an ej22. secondly it would drop the compression, not raise it. keep it in any case, its hard to overheat those

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