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Getting monitors running for 99 Outback with EJ22 swap

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Trying to get this car smogged. 99 outback that had a bad 2.5 that now sports a 95 EJ22 EGR equipped so it matches.


No Check engine light. Runs great. gave it new plugs and wires. Idles smooth. No vac leaks.


All the monitors are up and going except the EVAP and EGR. Car has been driven about 80 miles of mixed highway and town driving. I only need one more monitor up before the car can be smogged. Is there any trick to getting these up and running?


Will the EVAP stay off since the lines are just looped on the EJ22? (Those of you with 2.2 swaps may know if it has stayed long term)


Anything to do besides just driving it?



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I know that early OBD II models will never be ready.


there was a known issue where the monitors would reset after every key off.  I know becasue my 96 ALWAYs say not all systems ready......but still reads out codes and realtime data........just a software glich I think CA emmisions testing knows about and exempts the 96 model at least from the "readiness" factor...all other parameters must be met though.

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