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3 long pulses ECU error code light- blacks connected 87.5

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Okay, started to look at my ECU for stored error codes - black connectors connected, then turned IGN switch to ON


getting a long green bright LED glow, followed by quick off, second long green bright  glow, quick off, third long glow  after a break shows same sequence - started to movie mode it in my camera to use a counter on it - battery in camera went flat as expected :(


So, would read that as a code 3-0 yeah ?


OK so, online manuals for 88 XT don't have a code 3-0 :(


Is this a specific error code reserved for the short run 87.5 XTT ?


Anyone, such as Gloyale have a copy of code 3.0 diagnosis for 87.5 ?


co-operation is always appreciated :)

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Code 3 is a model designator.


Means MPFI, turbo, Manual.........in the US it can tell us California or 49 state, manual or automatic


The ECUs will flash 1-8 here, with each number being a specific identifier.


Since it's flashing that at you it means there is no stored codes.

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