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Passenger side headlight goes out. I hit it real hard...it will come on...but when the car starts up again it does not come on again...unless I hit it.


I made sure everything was plugged in...and it was. Maybe it is a grounding issue? Anyone ever have this happen? 1996 OBW.

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I know you said you checked, but check and pull off the boot around the (pigtail) female wiring harness. I had your problem, and overlooked it many times but my harness was melted! so I fixed it by lining stuff together, and using electrical tape and wrapping it real tight. pushed it back on and it hasn't failed since. But, this should buy you time if this is your problem, like mine. I have checked around at local parts stores, and no one has pigtail harnesses for my year headlights, so I will have to buy it from SOA. But it buys me time. Hope this helps.




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