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  1. Its for the stock 17" rim on a 2009 Legacy 2.5i Special Edition.
  2. I paid $13k last week for a 2009 Legacy 2.5i Special Edition. 40,000 miles. Pretty clean. Check out Edmunds or KBB. I go by trade in value and add $500 or so when making an offer on a car. I'd offer them $10k and go to $12k or so after a few counter offers. If you can't get a good deal move on. Another car will come along. I've overpaid for a car or two and hate when I do that. Good luck.
  3. I've entered the world of modern Subaru and got a 2009 Legacy 2.5i SE. The one rim has a few scuffs on it that I'd like to touch up. Is there an exact match touch up paint for this? One that is pretty close? Thanks.
  4. It got much better in 2005, BUT, there are quite a few 2005 to 2010? that leak.
  5. Check around the drivers door for a sticker or plate that will have a month and year on it.
  6. 1996 was the last year for the non-interference EJ22. There may have been a handfull of 1997, but assume all 97 and up 2.2l are interference. All EJ25 are interference, IIRC.
  7. There is nothing wrong with flipping cars. But I'd offer a lot less than asking price and go from there. Get receipts for work done. If they don't have them, then use that against them. Good luck!
  8. Auto or manual? If its an auto and has the 2.2l, then the original engine was probably replaced with the 2.2l when the head gaskets failed. 160k is nothing on a 2.2l. I'm not sure of your location, but if cars where you live are prone to rusting then the car will probably rust out before the engine goes. About the repairs, he is probably a car flipper, if it did have the 2.2l swap. They probably bought the car for $800 or so with a blown engine, a 2.2l engine for a few hundred, and a timing belt kit for a few hundred. So for a $1500 investment they could make some decent money on a days work.
  9. Valvoline MaxLife is compatable with most fluids, including the Subaru fluid, and its great. I started using it in my Hyundai because the SP-III Hyundai fluid is expensive. It says for vehicles over 75,000 miles, but I'm sure its fine for newer ones.
  10. Check car-part.com. An ECU around here would be $50 to $100. The harness might be priced about the same?
  11. I've been using Lancaster County Motors Subaru parts website. http://lancastercountysubaruparts.com/
  12. Could it be the rear dragging? (Torque bind?)
  13. I try and find parts others recommended. I'm going to put some EMPI axles on my car. I know cheap aftermarket Subaru axles are generally a no-no, but at $55 each shipped for NEW ones, I'll take the risk.
  14. Some people have had luck with adding some Techron or similar cleaner to their gas. By off, do you mean you hit E and still have 5 gallons left or that it goes from F to E in 100 miles or so?
  15. About $45. You can save about $10 by ordering from an online Subaru dealer.