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Weber install/plumbing Qs!! help!

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hey there,


got the weber 32/36 DGEV on but have fuel plumbing questions.

How do ID which line is which? are 'wet' lines feul-in and 'dry' returns?


I've reread Cameron's article but am stuck with the plumbing part. Is there a diagram somewhere that IDs these carb/fuel lines, can't find a image anywhere.

Anyone got a good pic of an completed install?






82 GLW

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There's only 2 fuel lines going to the carb itself. A supply and a return. Both eminate from the little forked hose barb at the float bowl inlet on the Hitachi. Many people remove that barb and install it to the weber. I personally just capped off the return line. Either way seems to work fine as far as I can tell.


The rest of the lines on the carb are vacuum lines of one sort or another. EGR, disty, and various emmissions related stuff like evap and purge lines.



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thx GD,


got it all on there and just started pull'd/capp'd off anything that ain't goin' to the weber, right?!


also, where does the hot wire go from the electric choke? does it need power or is it a temp sensor type thingy...???


the swap pics from the USMB manuel need a bit more detail for idiots like me.

If mine works, I'll snap some pics and P'Shop some detail arrows.....


thx gang


82 GLW (manipulated)

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