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Brake caliper for an 86 hatchback 4wd

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Howdy folks. I've been a lurker on this board for years. Now I guess, I'm out in the open.


I'm trying to replace a brake caliper on my 86 hatchback (4wd), but the caliper I got from Advance is too big.


Does anyone know where I can get a caliper?





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It took a long time, but I finally got a caliper that fits--one for a 2-d sedan. None of the hatch calipers worked. Odd. I wonder if the previous owner altered the braking system.


On an unrelated note, I'll be selling my 86 Brat soon (as soon as the hatch is ready).

The Brat has about 170K miles on it, runs great. Strong oil pressure. A lot of new parts.


It's inspected until August. I'm selling it because I suspect that the rust above the driver side rear fender is going to need work in order to pass inspection.


Thanks for the feedback.



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