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Hello people,


This may sound ridiculous to some of you, but for others -like me- this would have been very useful.


I have been very busy lately so I have barely done anything to my '01 Legacy. Something I did, however, was to fix an *incredibly* annoying vibration of the gas pedal, which I had felt since I put the engine back after doing the head gaskets.


Some time ago I read a post by someone asking for help with a similar issue, but (s)he ended up taking the car to a dealer, who diagnosed an incorrectly routed gas pedal and/or cruise control cables. They fixed the problem, but this person didn't offer a more detailed description of the solution.


Last weekend I went to my u-pull of choice, and found a '00 Legacy sedan "totaled" (light right side damage) with a *pristine* -and apparently untouched- engine bay. After getting what I needed (power steering pump), and somehow I remembered to take a picture of the junkyard's car engine bay. When I compared it to my car's, I found the routing of the cables was fine, but I had (mistakenly) fixed them to one of the A/C hoses. The car still runs a little rough, but at least you don't feel anything on your right foot, which I consider an absolute success :)


So... here's the picture:




The cables are fixed using plastic clips in three places:

- The (wrapped) positive wire from the alternator to the battery.

- The positive wire from the battery to the starter motor

- One of the A/C hoses (only the cruise control cable)




Best luck!

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Just had the engine on a 2002 Subaru Outback replaced. Accelerator/gas pedal vibrated really bad when I took the car out for a test drive. Mechanic minimized it and said that a lot of Subarus he's driven vibrate like that. I told him that it never did that before. He suggested it might be because the new engine was a 2.0L engine instead of a 2.5L. I told him I highly doubt that. Engine was idling fine and running fine whenever I didn't have my foot on the pedal. Researched online when I got home and sure enough it sounded like the accelerator cable was vibrating. I just checked the cable and the mechanic had forgotten to route the cable through one of the clips. Also, I moved some of the cable pads/insulators around. Just drove it and the vibration is completely gone. So, thanks for the suggested solution on this post.


The mechanic is a decent guy, but it bugs me when they minimize things that I suggest. Kind of like a doctor minimizing things a person knows about their body. I've found that no two mechanics agree on everything and it helps to use the internet to research things. Knowledge is power. Plus mechanics don't know everything. Interesting thing is that several times I've mentioned to mechanics that I researched an issue online and when I say that, they usually pooh pooh the Internet and say something like "you can't trust the stuff you read online." Doctors say that too. Well, I don't trust everything I read online but it does give me ideas of things to consider and check out whether it be my car or my body.


Btw, I'll keep using this mechanic because he's a decent guy and did a great job overall.

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