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extremely rough idle 87 bmw 528e

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yay no more snow. I took the bmw out for the first time this year since
it started snowing all in all things went well however i am experiencing
a very rough idle seems like its missing at idle smells like rotten
eggs and gas smell from the exhaust its so bad that when in gear the
whole car is shaking. Ive been looking over it for the last few hours
now and found a vacuum leak witch i fixed but the idle is still
horrible. it seems to drive fine when the rpm is up i can feel a
hesitation/miss every so often while driving with light throttle input.
what should i look at? the car is a 1987 bmw 528e running motronic 1.1

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updates i changed the plugs because they looked really bad also put some lucas fuel injector cleaner int he tank it seems to run a little smoother now but idle is still way off i believe im hearing a backfire every so often through the intake. i checked the afm the flapper door is not stuck checked the coolant temp sensor by switching the plugs on the 2 sensors the car has one for the ecu and another one for the gauge both are the same. video shows fuel pressure and u can hear the way it is running. sorry for the poor quality my phone did not want to focus.the idle way going up and down on its own a bit. when i put the gauge down i was reaching for the throttle because the idle was getting too low and i thought it was going to stall.


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