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97 Legacy Pressure Sources Switching Solenoid help

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I recently did an EJ22 swap in my car last december. When I did, I didnt route the vacuum lines to the psss correctly (so no cruise control) and didnt even bother to hook up the canister. The engine I used came out of a 98 impreza, so the canister for that is located at the rear of the car, whereas my legacy is right up front in the engine bay. I dont worry about it, drive with the cel on but with inspection coming up I need monitors to run, and they cant with the cel (and no evap/purge obviously).

Codes I have:

P1143 (something that deals with psss)

P0441 (purge system incorrect flow)


Car isnt currently running due to a faulty MAF sensor (dont use oil saturated-type air filters, even if they are OEM Subaru!)


Was wondering if anyone has diagrams and/or experience that could help me figure out how to route the psss and purge/canister. Thanks!

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Evap: your feed line from the fuel tank runs up and connects by the fuel supply and return hoses on the drivers side. The hard line runs below the manifold and ends in a bitch of a spot to get to between the 1&3 intake runners, then there is a short loop that goes to the purge valve which is mounted under the number 3 intake runner. What you need to do is run a hose from the big tube on your canister to that hard feed line where it stubs out under the manifold.

Run another hose from the small tube on the canister to the port on the purge valve where that short hose is connected.

The other port on the purge valve should be connected to manifold vacuum.


Is the hood on your car the original? There should be a routing diagram for all of the vacuum hoses on the bottom, but it won't be correct if the hood is different.


Also, did what engine did your car originally have?

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The original engine was an EJ25D

The routing diagram is there, however the different manifold, purge system, and vacuum hose port locations on the EJ22E are whats causing me some grief. Ill upload some pictures when I get back from work this evening.

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