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My latest obsession; 96 legacy L

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As the title states My latest obsession is my 1996 Subaru Legacy L wagon . It replaces my old white 95 Subaru that was taken at an early age (about 267,000 miles). 

 The insurance company only gave me about $2100 for it and I found this old beat up thing on one of the listing sites and went to check it out. For starters it didn't start when i went to look at it so $1600 was WAY out of the question. It appeared that it was used for a dog house. I then asked what it would take to save her from the scrap yard and was told $500 . SCORE ! after i started and ran it on starting fluid anyway.

 I towed it home and the troubleshooting began. FUEL PUMP and she was running !!

 Now the real troubleshooting and repairs began. This was March of last year and I spent most of last summer on the road for work so there wasn't too much time for repairs so if you are wondering ; No it didn't take a year.

 The repair list to date is as follows;



 Left and right front CV axles

 Fuel pump

 upstream O2 sensor

 Timing belt kit with tensor , pulleys and water pump

 front engine main seal and cam seals

 spark plugs and wires

 clutch , pressure plate, Pilot bearing, release bearing and clutch fork retainer clips

 replaced 4 bad hydraulic lash adjusters

 front and rear downstream CAT gaskets 

 reverse light switch

 center differential output seal

 All 4 bearings in center differential 

 valve cover gaskets

 front windshield washer pump

 Replaced all PCV plumbing 

 Replaced all vacuum lines

 Front and rear brake rotors and pads 

 Replaced knock sensor

 EDIT : Replaced front left and right wheel bearings


 She is supposed to have 168,000 on her but I'm not real sure as I had an issue with the odometer and I thought it had been tampered with and after closer examination it must have gotten something in it and  the guide axle (don't know the proper name) had popped from its keeper. After resetting it in it's place my odometer works fine again but not before i purchased on on thE bay.


 I'm sure I don't articulate my thoughts well at times and my grammar, spelling and punctuation leave a lot to be desired but I wanted to share and say thanks to everyone that has posted on this site. Without you I would most likely have junked this thing myself.

 Thanks again. Each and every one 





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Just got this part taken care of today. These bearings listed on a dealer site in CT for $97 so I checked the local dealer web site and the came out to $144. So I called the dealer and asked for a quote on these parts. I was quoted $188. I was blown away! why the drastic price difference ? I don't usually try yo haggle too much but I found $188 from $97 to be a bit steep. So I brought it to the attention of the parts guy and he re-quoted my $117 . Thanks again Subaru parts guy !!

 As an added note ; My $60 dollar shop press payed for itself today !! worth every dime !


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After the required 24 hr cure time for the gasket material I then added my gear oil then checked for leaks and test drove .

I'm happy to report that what sounded like worn brakes when in motion is gone! Feels like driving a new car.

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Yeah you always have to haggle with the dealers a bit to get a good price.


Good work, should be ready to roll for a long time now!

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