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81 Brat Compatibility

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I was at the junk yard yesterday getting some parts for a civic and ran across two 1983 loyale gl's one a hatch and one a wagon, mostly intact.   I wanted to grab the steering wheel/column for my brat but wasn't sure of compatibility of the parts.  


So what years and models are interchange able with my particular 1981 brat 1.8 with ea81? I'm looking for tailgate handle, tail light cover, steering wheel+column, fuse box, radio. 

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Realistically for parts that are directly compatible with your 1981 brat you need to find Subarus from the '77 to '79 (Perhaps '80 in the US) years. Steering columns from '72 - '77 are basically the same design and will also fit. The steering column from the EA81 engined '80 - '84 and later for the standard hatch or Brat models are different but very similar in dimensions. I have an adjustable column from a 1984 wagon side by side with an '78 column and it would be very easy to make fit in the earlier models as the spline (at both ends) are the same, however, the wiring/plugs and mounting arrangement are all completely different. No doubt it could be made to work but I suppose anything can be made to fit with enough blood, sweat and tears!

Fuse boxes from '72 to '81 are all essentially the same design (under the bonnet/hood for '72 - '77, under the dash on the driver's side for '77 - '80) but of course the wiring and the description on the fuse cover is different across models/years.

The tailgate handle is not specific and any door handle from '77 - '81 will work. 1980s work too but it is a different shape and will not fit in the recess like the original.

Radios from the early '70s to the late '80s are mostly Clarion brand and are all essentially the same but the wiring is very different between the years to accommodate the different types: AM only, AM/FM mono and AM/FM stereo. Datsun used Clarion radios during the same era too.

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