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EA71 & EA82 with 2 carburators

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I saw in last week a massage that there are a JDM EA71 with 2 carburators and EA82 with 2 carburators.

Someone can told me more details about that engines? There are any changes between the regular EA71 with 1 carburator and EA82 with 1 carburator and the EA71 with 2 carburators and EA82 with 2 carburators?

Where can I find those engines? someone can tell me a place that have those engines in good condition?

How much those engines can cost? (average price is ok with me)

Can I swap between the EA82/EA71 with 1 carburator and the EA82/EA71 with 2 carburators? There are some parts in the car that I need to change before I can swap those engines?


Thanks, Gal.

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