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Logan K

My 1991 Loyale Wagon

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This car has been in the family forever. My mom bought it new in 1991 and drove it every day till 2011. This was the first car i drove, and always held a sentimental spot to me. When my parents bought a new Outback, i convinced them to let me have the old wagon. Well, it didnt take long for some major changes to happen  B) . I stripped and bedlined the interior, replaced t-belts and water pump and started driving the car every day. I had previously owned lifted EA82 cars and always dreamed of a few more inches of clearance under mums wagon, but first I wanted to ensure that I had the proper hardware to back it up. I sourced and installed a limited slip rear, maxima alternator and a dual range trans. This car became alot of fun on the local forest service roads and the trails behind my house, but was still lacking the clearance I desired. So i got the 4 inch lift from SJR. At the same time, I pulled and resealed the engine and had the heads rebuilt. When the lift was finished I added 27 inch swampers on 14 inch peugeot steelies. On my 3rd time out wheeling, I rolled the rig.


I slowly found the body parts I needed to repair the car and other then  the dents on the roof you can barely tell I rolled it! I have since installed the SJR front bumper, Rough Country Rock lights, Cobra CB and a PAC-Brake onboard air system in the spare tire area under the hood. This next year I plan to ad an SJR rear bumper w/spare tire holder, winch and front seats that are a little more comfortable. Let me know what you guys think!



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