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New (to me) '03 Saturn Vue

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so. I picked up another work car. a '03 saturn Vue FWD 2.2, CVT "auto". 


for the most part it works ok. I got it for 300 bucks. the previous owner said that his shop quoted him 1,000 to replace a ignition control module. since then, he bought a new car. I found the part on rockauto for 100 bucks for the coil packs and ICM. I offered to install these things to the car for a 6-pack. he declined and then offered the car to me. LOL


So, like i said, for the most part it runs great. little of a hesitation on some shifting, but no CEL. 


One problem I am running into though. I get a real weird Whurring noise from, what i've figured, the transmission? It sounds like a wheel bearing. The only thing thats got me is that it doesnt change loudness or speed when braking, shifting, etc. throw it in Neutral and it is still there. When you brake, like i said, the sound doesnt change - no matter your speed or how hard you're braking, turning, etc. 


kinda like maybe an OD gear and its spooling down? The noise doesnt change with RPMs either



Ideas? the Previous owner said that it has done it since hes owned it. I cant believe it though :-(



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Actually to be a little bit more specific. Now that I've driven it a bit this morning


It sounds like a flat tire driving over a heavy glass floor. It's not necessarily at low speeds and, or while braking. It's almost like it is a type of internal neutral?


If I'm driving down the road and put it in neutral the notice does not appear to be there



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