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Impreza rotors for ultimate daily mountain pass driving


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I have a 2003 Impreza TS that is exposed to a tortuous and grueling daily mountain ascent and descent that DESTROYS brake pads and rotors like a 24-hour race! OEM pads and rotors last 3 months, tops. Ceramic pads are no match. I am currently running Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads, which are the best I can find for the car.


Does anyone know of an upgraded front brake rotor to fit a non-WRX? Otherwise I have to have a set of stock rotors custom drilled and cad plated.

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What happens to the ceramic pads?

Are all pads absolutely and positively wearing evenly?


Put the car in a lower gear.


Replace the pad clips and clean and regrease the slides. Whatever you choose you want the pads to move as easily away from the rotor as possible. Most clips are bent, corroded, built up or otherwise compromised in some way.


install larger diameter rotors

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