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Starter Solenoid not getting sufficient power

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So I have this 1997 Subaru Legacy GT, 2.5 L, and she is having trouble starting.  The solenoid sometimes does and sometimes doesn't get enough power.  I've load tested the starter and the battery at my local shops and they are both fine.  Using my DMM, I checked the wire for the solenoid for connectivity and it has a resistance of 0.217 kohms.  I also checked the voltage and it'll jump around with the highest being a little over 6V from what I can tell.  I really need some help getting this figured out.  Where should I look?

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Ignition switch,ignition switch connector,neutral safety switch or clutch switch or starter relay if so equipped.

Could be a bad harness connection too.

Move your voltmeter progressively towards the solenoid starting at the ignition switch input to pinpoint the offnding component.


I had to hotwire my neutral safety switch for reliabe starting.

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