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New seats = more space?

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there is no such thing as a bolt in seat for such early Subarus besides the OEM ones, although if there is one or one with some modifications to the mount that is more comfortable and gives more room in the cab, im interested in knowing also.


My legs barely fit with the seat all the way back, right knee hits the volume knob on my radio, annoying...


>if i recall correctly from a thread years ago, a saturn vehicle of some model does mount on 3 corners with a modification to one corner, but removes room in the cab which is the opposite of what were trying to accomplish here, it was just for people that needed a seat that was completely demolished and useless.

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If you're after a new seat, can try the BRZ / EA86 seat - They have been successful by all reports for later gen BRATS ... ;)


Not sure if they'll fit in earlier model though ... :(


Cheers, Bantum ...

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