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This past week the check engine light plus the cruise control light flashing came on.  This is 2005 Subaru Outback LLBean. My wife reported to me what I found for myself.  So with a code reader attached I drove the car. As I came to a stop sign the car suddenly went to SPORT mode but without the ability to change gears nor could I increase accelerate.  My guess is it stuck in 3rd or 4th gear.  The code was P0700 and P0768.  P0768 is a "D" solenoid failure.  I stopped the car turned off the engine and had a short lunch.  Upon restart the engine cranked for a long time and shook a lot.  Then started.  It was now out of SPORT mode.  I cleared the error codes and drove it home without incident.  Towed it to the dealer.  They could not replicate the failure.  I drove it back home 30 miles without incident. I realize intermittent problems can be difficult to solve. I really don't trust this car now.  SPORT mode stuck in a high gear could be a very dangerous situation.  Dealer said to bring it back if it does it again.  Perplexed.

Has anyone experienced a similar symptom?

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I found this in another post:


The P0700 is a "MIL request" but does not identify the actual cause. 

When certain faults are detected in the transmission control area by the transmission control module (TCM or TCU), the modulewill not only record a transmission trouble code and turn on the Sport light, but also sends a P0700 to the engine control unit (ECU), which turns on the CEL (MIL). Whenever a CEL is triggered the cruise control is automatically disabled, resulting in the flashing CC light

The stumbling and stalling might have been related to the engine control system going into a "failsafe" mode to protect the transmission, or it's possible that the transmission malfunction caused the engine to stall (as might be the case if the torque converterlock-up clutch engaged prematurely).


The P0768 code is detected when the gear required by the ECM does not match the actual gear when vehicle is driven.

Possible causes Low transmission fluid level Dirty transmission fluid Faulty shift solenoid 'D' valve Shift solenoid 'D' valve harness or connectors Shift solenoid 'D' valve circuit is open or shorted


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Thanks for the feedback.  The trans fluid is less than three years fresh still full and still reddish in color.  For now the solenoid is working.  I shouldn't have cleared the codes.  I won't next time.

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