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and...video uploaded



Do I build a motor, buy a EJ257 short block from subaru and put my heads on it? (Does that work well?) or just get my heads reco'd and call it a day.


At this stage I am still doing some homework, but if there are some engine veterans around I would appreciate any advice.


If I am to go with say a brand new short block from subaru, reco my heads and put on maybe a 20g TD06? Would it be safe/reliable ? How much power can the factory drivetrain handle?

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At that point, anything you do should involve forged pistons. 


Just swap in forged pistons, and replace the head gaskets. Dont really need a new bottom end. We do this all the time. We have good luck with JE pistons - they seem to slap the least. 2618 alloy. 


The Blouch 18GXTR with the 8cm housing is the sweet spot IMO. Makes about 370 wheel. 



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