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the unique brake pedal sqeak EA81 ....

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some cars have a uniquenoise on door opening closing, think GMH Holden EH, EJ doors, Ford Falcons used to have a unique sqeak from front suspension components metal on rubber and dry


The EA81s have a rather unique squeak on applying the foot brake pedal. Has anyone identified the precise cause? I thought it was the return spring contact points the last time I chased this noise in my first ute. Wondering if I need to fit a grease nipple to the main outer shaft or add some strong insulator for the spring points ...


Or just leave it be .....

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My ea82 has got some kinda rubber squeak as well. It's with in close range this side of the fire wall. I figure it may be some rubber bushings at the pedal.. but it is weird though that it only starts to sqeak when harder pressure is applied.. sometimes while stuck in traffic I usually play a tune to it with the radio down low. Never really investigated.. ????

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