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Spider base manifold only, adapt twin carbs to this...?

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Has anyone (apart from me) thought of using a spider manifold in NA form, or rather just the water log base of a spider to carry out coolant duties, then adapt a carb directly above each head?

As once you get this unit in place there is no water passages in the manifold to deal with. An adaptor and pair of down draught fuel suppliers could be hooked up with severe patience. The block would look a bit naked


I recently scored ( I think) an EA82T Spider engine and a hybrid AWD 5MT DR rumoured to have come out of one of our Subaru rally guys workshops.The spider is making way for a the more compact flat intake, so its remains can go to another project of mine - twin carb propane Safari style :D


Been through and replaced non genuine oil seals with genuine, ensured the timing belt cases are sealed  below water pump, replace any fuel hoses masquerading as coolant hoses . The oil pump has been kitted with new genuine stuff so let's hope the slight tick goes once I get it in, oiled up and cranking.


The previous owners lady ensured it was not going short on engine oil. I pulled 9 litres out. No wonder it blew smoke going up the mountains, the rear PCV baffle had no choice but to give up some precious liquid to burn off James Bond style.


The weak point I see in the design of the EA82 AWD box is that it usually employs the integral cast input shaft housing for the clutch throwout bearing to scuff up. This box has std 5MT PT 4WD front casings with cast iron bolt on input shaft housing in front of the AWD unit and dual range. Hope it is not 3.9:1


Gota tear it down to shove 23 spline front stubs in for convenience with my 23 spline loving Brumby shaftsc



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