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Hello from Sweden!

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I bought my first Subaru about 4 years ago.
A 1986 4wd wagon.  ea82 5speed with dualrange.
I drove it 50000km before I sold it.
Now I have 4 wagons and one sedan.

And 3 brats also.

One of the brats is converted to something called "a-traktor"

Its a modified car that only  can drive 30km/h on the highest working gear and must drive no faster than 10km/h on the lowest gear when engine is running 2/3 of ist full rpm.
15 yearolds are allowed to drive them so they are common her i the north. :)

Next one up to be modified to a-traktor is a 1990 brat.

Im planning on putting an EA82 with 5 speed AND the locking diff in it.
I am also putting the transaxle from a volvo 340 in the rear to obtain the low gear.

My only real concerns are how to fit the driveshafts. :)


2majpaavostel 010.jpg

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Welcome to the forum. 

I've just replied to your other thread ;)

Those tractor vehicles sound painful if you encounter them on the open road. It's a strange concept to me given how much distance we have between places over here...



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The concept is that they are legal for 15 year olds to drive them.
In the winter they are nicer than mopeds.

I have built one already and the second is on its way.
My kids are now 14 15 16
So we will have 3 tractors running...

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