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I have a 1983 GL 1800 sedan. My voltage regulator went out and I was wondering if anyone knew where it is actually located and what it looks like. I know that it an external regulator but the replacement part I got from the auto parts store doesn't seem right. Heres a link to the part they gave me. http://www.napaonline.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/NAPAonline/search_results_product_detail.d2w/report?prrfnbr=15607145&prmenbr=5806



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83 should have a VR in the alternator. They switched to interally regulated Alts in 82. The external ones are really obvious - being located in a big round blue container on the drivers side of the engine bay......


That picture looks very much like the ones that are inside the Alt. Good luck taking it apart - I've never been succesful. I usually just get another Alt from the junk yard. EA81, EA81T, EA82, and EA82T alts are all the same (well -the internally regulated ones anyway), and will swap around with no modifications. There are usually a lot of them to be found in the junk yards for cheap ($15 around here...)



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