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Imogene, the misunderstood, forgotten unicorn

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The past five years I do a fall road trip that ends up passing by this somewhat abandoned 4-eyed 78/79 freak of nature DL sedan, that I have deemed "Imogene". I may need some help from a few of you 70's models experts who knew them well back in the day.

What perplexes me is that she has a DL badge on the back, has the DL steering wheel, the seats are not vinyl, but a soft cloth, more in line with what the GF hardtops came with that looks stock. Everything looks stock on her. But.....Subaru never sold a 4 eyed , 4 door sedan in the US. They sold models like these overseas in Europe as the 1600 custom, with maybe some other naming/badging in other countries.

My question is do you think Subaru offered a custom order US 4 eyed DL sedan from the dealership, or was she most likely bought new overseas and made it to our shores somewhere along the way?

She is beyond hope to ever get back on the road, but please pay homage to her, as she is a rusty, underappreciated beacon of these simple and ingenious 78/79 models. She also has a super cool tiny luggage rack over her trunk....and a stone tiara (as seen in the photo).


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i know in 1978 they did some strange stuff, on the wagons they sometimes placed quad headlights on DL vehicles, it's possible they did the same for sedans too, as to why they did this im not too sure but right after 1978 they followed their DL=2 headlights, GL=4 headlights.

could also be that someone 30 years ago swapped them out for the quads when parts were more readily available.

also the vehicle looks saveable to me, how bad is the rust? what is it that isn't saveable anymore?

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Thanks for the info. The guy I talked to who knew the owner of the property said he would not sell any of the cars or any parts on them. The rust is pretty bad all along the bottom sides of the car, with holes eaten through in areas/doors/ wheel wells. Too many weeds around it to see under it, but safe to say it sits in some decent snow for about 5 months a year, so chances are everything underneath it is pretty thick with rust.

The seat fabric looks like the same kind they used in the GF Hardtops. Looks and feels almost like blue suede.


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