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Radiator Source?

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10 hours ago, croak said:

Anyone have a source for a new radiator for an 80 brat? 

Or an alternative that fits and is easier to find. 


i was unable to find one years ago, mine was leaking, rusting, flaking, it was in really bad shape, so i installed one from a 3rd gen 1984-1994 GL/DL/Loyale.

if you would like to see pictures of how i did it, let me know.

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you can see the old existing holes from where the original 3rd gen radiator mounts, but refitting it to mount on a first gen is no biggie, new holes up ontop and a simple bracket on the bottom since this radiator isn't as tall as the first gen to keep it from rattling around down there, and there you have it.

i added a reservoir because why not, where i mounted mine is the perfect place for the water table and the reservoir always being at the full mark, i literally ripped off the mount from the body of a 3rd gen.

you gotta relocate the horn inorder to mount the reservoir where i placed mine at, i split my horns, one on each shock tower.

and yes, that's a first gen fan and a 3rd gen fan attached to the same 3rd gen radiator, because im cheap lol.

this radiator has been working fine for me for the last 2 years, one thing i will say to take note is i tried installing a radiator from a 3rd gen that was full metal(older 3rd gens), and the inlet/outlet seemed to have been smaller diameter wise than the ones that are metal/plastic radiators(newer 3rd gens), hoses fit better now, don't know if it was just that specific radiator or not, both types of radiators worked just fine, but i didn't trust the full metal type for long term due to how much i had to tighten the hose clamp onto it, so i installed the newer metal/plastic type that had the bigger inlets. im not a fan of plastic but i had no choice there.





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