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Anyone ride a smaller KTM ? 390 or 200 Duke Adventure etc

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Looking to possibly treat myself to a small commuter that can offer a little excitement. And with that I had thought about a Yamaha TW200 for the last couple of decades at least. Then came the little KTM Dukes.

Any baby Duke riders out there , please let me know your thoughts.

I am an older experienced rider getting back into commuting on two wheels. I’m 5’7” and ain’t gettin any taller , shrinking more like it. So seat height matters. 

Used to think I’d certainly be on a Suzuki DR350 or 650 and then the 400 or whatever they’ve made since those olden days. Never got that dual sport bike. Would have been just as happy with a Kawi KLR etc. but anyways here I am in 2021. 

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i rode a ktm duke for a while. im 6'2" and it felt smallish. my brother is 5'9" and it fit him like a glove. great bike, way more then enough power to move my fat rump roast


dont put them in a river though lol. they dont like it



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