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What exactly is stopping an ea81 from mating to an ea63 transmission?

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I was reading the ancient engine swap info thread from Uncle Ed, and he states that you need to change the transmission along with the engine for an ea81 swap into an ea63 car. What is preventing these from mating up? Is it something an adapter plate or some other modification could make work? I see ea71 is a darn near direct swap, but those are even harder for me to come by than an ea81 is. 

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Starter location. Maybe bolt location too. I think you’d need an adapter plate. 

If you don’t mind the dreaded face book you can likely come across Jesse Navin on the couple of vintage Subaru dedicated groups like 4x140 or GTFO , or Old School Subaru etc etc 


He’s here in CT with. Stage one - 1974 and has already done the swap. 

Good luck with it. I agree that suddenly the EA71 has really started to vanish. 

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