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Customer review of Autonation Subaru, Scottsdale, Arizona

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Re:  Autonation Subaru Scottsdale        15678 N Northsight Blvd, Scottsdale, Arizona

Deceptive Business Practice – “Bait and Switch “  Customer "baited" by merchant advertising a product at a (pre approved written  ‘trade’ price), but when customer visits the store for ‘closing’, it’s discovered the previously agreed (vehicle trade price) has increased by thousands of dollars.  In this particular case an increase of $4000.00., resulting in a sale/fail.

CAUTION:  I recommend extreme caution for anyone even remotely considering doing business with this automobile dealership!

This week I checked the (Better Business Bureau) rating for this business.  Not surprised:   “F” BBB rating due to “Failure to respond to complaints filed against business”.    I didn’t even know BBB had an ‘F’ rating.

On June 10th, 2023, Christopher Mueller (sales person) emailed me a (firm) price agreement, approved by sales manager Brett Leib.  The stated Autonation price of the new vehicle would be $35164.39, and my trade allowance would be $24154.74 – with a closing balance due of $12613.15. I signed my approval to the document, and emailed it back to Mr. Mueller. 

At the closing date – having waited in the office for over 1.5 hours, Mr. Mueller exited from an office and approached me with the following.  “First the ‘bad news’ – your trade value has been reduced by $4000.00, but the ‘good news’ is that we will only charge you an additional $2000.00.” 

I was astounded by the news.  Based on many previous discussions with Mueller, he knew I’d never have made that 200+ mile trip to Scottsdale, if the (previously agreed sales agreement was to be changed)!  In fact he and I had just discussed the sales matter, by phone, and on line, several times the day before, that coupled with the fact the new Subaru had not even been washed and fueled in advance of the closing appointment, was outrageous. It immediately became evident this entire episode was nothing more than a planned bait and switch designed to have me drive 200+ miles from Sierra Vista, to Scottsdale, then have me sit around for nearly two hours wondering when we’d get to closing, followed by then changing the agreement in an attempt to extract thousands of additional dollars from me. I asked Mr. Mueller for the return of my key module and said I was leaving. A gentleman, whom I’d never been introduced to, followed me out the door and began with excuses.   I left the premises.  

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Sorry about your experience. Hurts when people lie and waste your time and gas etc. And they don’t sweat a drop. 

Heartless machines. 

I will warn my son who is local and he will let his circle of car buddies know too. Thanks ! 

Just be aware it’s total flakeville now. The California shop/service mentality has spread coast to coast. I’d say northeast not as bad but they’re here and you’ve gotta get things in writing. 

Good luck with your next Subaru wherever it comes from. 

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