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Any old friends or new around Santa Fe NM?

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Just curious who’s out there that might know me or maybe you’re just willing to help. 

Sometime soon, still not sure, I’m going to make a quick trip out there to retrieve a couple old Subarus, maybe three. 

Most likely this will happen over a long extended weekend. 

Pretty sure the owner and I will be able to handle the cars. I just want to know if I have any old Subaru contacts near by in case I run into something. 

More than likely I’ll be completely thick headed and use one of our wagons to make the road trip. I’d rather arrive with some good tires,parts, and tool box. And in my mind I’m still a road warrior. 

So this post is mostly because of that. In case my aging Subaru and I need a friend while a couple thousand miles from home. 

Not expecting anyone do put me up for the night or anything like that. Just looking for that backup insurance. 

We are AAA Plus plan holders. So I’m always good for a tow to safety. 

Really hoping to do this fairly soon but I do need to be prepared on this end for parking. So that’s my current mission. 

Secret mission. I feel kind of blessed and don’t want to jinx myself. So it’ll be you’re me mystery to figure out what I’m bringing home. 

And special thanks to the guy who read my old posts and although he couldn’t sign in here had seen my email and contacted me. The three cars I always wanted are there. And it’s 2024. Like the impossible has happened. So wish me luck please. 

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