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Hi all, brand new here

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Also brand new to Subaru. Just picked up an '88 XT6 5spd with 104k miles for a whopping $300! Runs great when warm, all electrical works, ac even blows cold. A few things I'm curious about though:


1. It starts right away when cold, but studders like crazy and will stall if I give too much gas until it gets warm. If I hold it a 3000rpm for a minute or so it gets over it and revs no problem. Hoping a simple tune up will help, plugs look pretty old. Soon as parts get here it will have new plugs, wires, cap and rotor, already ran through some injector cleaner w/ no affect.


2. Lots of valve lash for the first 10 minutes of driving, then finally adjusts and sound better. Any way to speed up the adjustment? It sounds painful.


3. Slight idle surge from 750 to 1500 rpm at normal operating temps, but not when cold. Check engine light on intermittantly, usually it waits to flick on until the engine is hot.


Any thoughts or advice you guys have is much appreciated. Please educate me. Looks like a great forum!

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Hey welcome to the board its always nice too see another person who is interested in subaru's. As for your problems im fairly new and dont know alot yet. but im learning.

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Welcome to the Board and to Subaru's :clap:

Your first problem sounds like the temp sensor. Dont confuse this with the temp sending unit. The temp sensor tells the ECU if the engine is hot or cold, then adjust the injectors and choke accordingly. Could just be a dirty connection at the plug. Not sure about the location on the XT6 but it may be just to the left and in front of the bellhousing/clutch. Cylinder shaped and stands straight up. Might be green also.

The noisy lifters are commomn on this models. The fix is easy and inexpensive. Go to the dealer and get a oil pump rebuild kit, it just a modified o-ring that we call a Mickeymouse seal. Theres also a seal for the shaft.

Fixing the first problem might fix the 3rd problem.

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