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Soobie noobie having a few ?s

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Hi all!


It was suggested by the nice red writing on my user CP that since I'm a new memeber I'd write a post to say hello and introduce myself, so here I am. I'm actually a Norwegian, currently living in Auckland, New Zealand, and have always felt something special about Subarus.


My brief history with soobies:

- crashed my first (and last) soobie when I was 8 years old. I'm afraid I can't remember the model, but it must have been a very early '80 or late '70.

- my mum got a new red S, this time a '84 gl(?)wagon with a 1600cc OHV engine, 4-speed manual.

- my dad scrapped his Citroen and got a red 86 or 87 GLX wagon, 1800cc OHV, hi/lo gears, hill-hold, 4-speed manual. Sweeet car. My dad worked overseas for a while and I adopted it as my first car. I took it across the 350,000km-line myself. the engine and transmission was sort of tired by then.

-my mum changed the '84 wagon for an dark met blue '87 Omega (5-s manual, OHC). It served us well until last month (320,000+km).

-After the GLX my father got a white '88(?) pick-up. still going strong.

-Mum gave the Omega to me and my older brother and bougth a '91 Legacy sedan, which is still rolling.

-When I moved here a couple of months ago I bought myself a '90 Omega (5s manual).


Even though I've driven (or been driven in) subarus for the last 16 years, I must admit I don't know all that much about them. One thing that puzzels me is what the different models are called, and how to distinguish them from

eachother. I tried the FAQ, but i couldn't find the answers I was hoping for, so here are some questions for you subaru-oracles:


Down here in NZ, all old-school subarus for sale I've seen are either Leone or Omega. I thought the Leone looked like the GL we used to have back home (I've seen a few of them on the road here as well), but when I do a google on Leone, all I find is subarus which are very similar to the Omega. So how is the Leone compared to the GL, and Leone-Omega?


And what does GL ,GD, GLX and so forth stand for? Differences?


Also, with my '90 Omega there's something fishy about the rear suspension. From the omega back home I know this model is not really suited for rough-road driving, since it is pretty low compared to the earlier wagons. But the rear end my specific Omega is just too low. A pair of new shocks/coil springs could probaly raise it some, but just about 30mm (or so said the repair-guy), which isn't enough for my standards. Anyone want to have a guess what can be wrong?


I'm pleased with my Omega, but in the summer I'm going to need a car with more ground clearance and higher load capacity, so I'm really looking for the car of my dreams: a red '86 GL(X) stationwagon, 1800cc OHV, 2WD-4WD, hi/lo, manual, sunroof, roofracks, preferably no power steering.


sorry for the bother if the info is easily provided elsewhere..


thanks guys!




ps. here's my current car!


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Welcome to the Board.....


Y'all down under have a different way of calling vehicle Models out, so I can't really give insight on things associated with that. Other members here can....


One thing I know I can say with great confidence is: Nice Subaru there................

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