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Matty B

Advice please, Problem with assembly

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Guys, I must be doing someting wrong here.


I am putting the two halves of an EA81 together and the crank spins nice and smooth until I start torquing up the bolts. even at the 2nd last round of nips the crank won't turn.

Is it possible the bearings are slightly too tight around the crank.

I have backed off all the bolts and the case is still tight together, and now the crank turns.

Is there a trick, I am going in the correct order....


I have had it apart twice now to check,

Its starting to s..t me, I thought I would have a coffee and ask you guys.

Any suggestions?


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That happened to me once, but not with a Subaru.


It turned out that the main bearing "halves" were not identical, and that I had mixed them up.


Check the bearings carefully -- there's probably a "left" and a "right" for each of them. Remember also that in automotive terms, "left" and "right" are determined when you're sitting in the driver's seat.


Good luck.

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