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U wont believe this but,...visor powers fans!

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Doing routine Maint. the other day I came across a strange problem. I was checking out the vanity lights in the sunvisors ( very dim ) when I noticed that WHILE OPEN THEY MAKE THE ENGINE COOLING FANS RUN. This only happens when the car is running. You can sit there and open and close the visor making both the fans turn on and off. It has a newer battery and holds a good charge. My cigarette lighter socket also does not properly let my cell phone charge. I am guessing that it is a ground issue or a short but have no idea where to start looking for it. Any ideas appreciated. This is a very unique problem and for now it is fun to trick my friends with. I have no trouble with it overheating or any other problems for that matter (well excpet the old piston slap ). All the fuses are good also.

98' Legacy GT

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Take your vehicle to the closest church and have it cleansed of all it's evil spirits. See if that helps. Maybe run holy water through the radiator. Thats about all I can thnk of now.

I had a similar problem with my cigarette lighter. The light would go on when i plugged my cellphone in but the fan would tun on as well. Turns out one of the fuses was blown and the circuit was worwarded to the fan for some reason.


I'd check the fuses again, just be sure.

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