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changing the seals help this noise? Another question

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I am planning on getting the timing belt changed and all the seals in the upcoming week.(Not going to tackle this yet by myself) There is a faint ticking noise coming from what I think is the valves. The noise only seems to be from the 2 cylinders closest to the front of the car. Just wondering if changing the seals might help this problem? (Sorry I don't know all the correct terminology yet, but, i'm working on it) Sorry I have a AWD 92 legacy with a 2.2L, I just bought it recently so I'm a little paranoid about every little noise I hear!


I have been reading a lot on this site, there is a tremendous amount of information to try and go through. I was wondering if the sound could be coming from the pulleys. I find the car makes a sound in 1st and 2nd gear it very similiar to the sound a car makes when you reverse quickly. I have also noticed a very small hesitation when driving in 3rd gear at about 3000 rpm. the speedometer and the tachometer don't seem to waver. Hope someone might have an explanation for these problems. Thanks and I love this site!

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