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legacy intermitent drivability problem

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I have a 92 legacy turbo with a long term problem. It only happens sometimes but has been quite frequent lately. When starting to accelerate from a period at low revs, it stutters /coughs /missfires /doesn't run properly until it gets a good burst from the accelerator. Then it seems OK again. My feeling is that it is a fuel mixture problem. I have replaced spark plugs and filters. Also have tried another MAF sensor. Could it be the igniter or the throttle position sensor? What about a fuel pressure problem? How can I check these?


generally the car always starts well. Sometimes the idle can be a bit variable.


Occasionally, if I run the self check on the computer it will come up with an error code for the knock sensor. Could this be related to the problem (the problem occurs much more often than the code comes up (which might be every couple of months)) or is it more likely to be a misfire from bad petrol?


Thanks for your help



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Check the search function on this site. I remember reading something about faulty knock sensors with cracks in the casings (?). Is your sensor code related to damp weather conditions?

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