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Okay, so I took this photo a couple weeks ago during a trip up to Steven's Pass for some snowboarding.


It's been getting some great fanfare lately. . . from the STi board, to Nasioc, and even from the Australian RS Liberty board . . . so Laurel suggested I submit it for next year's USMB calendar.


If the powers that be would like some fair-weather photos for a non-winter month instead, please let me know. . . I've got a few things I'm doing to the car before summer that should really be something. . . including some track photos from Pacific Raceway once I head down to get my track cert this spring.


Anyway. . . let me know. :D



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That IS a nice pic!


Funny lookin' plow on the front though...........

:lol: Yeah, I need to keep to the plowed roads . . . so long as the snow's not more than a couple inches deep on the road, I'm good to go.

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