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My trip of Late

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Went to spend the weekend with my 10 year old daughter in Jacksonville, NC, from my perch in Chesapeake (VA Beach).


about 200 miles each way.


Drove the 84 6" desert camo, with 30x9.50 on it.


Ride shakes a little, but other than that, she runs!!!


got about 23 miles to the gallon. the speedo is about 23% off (going 71 when speedo shows 55, verified with gps)


Anyways.. She and I went to a "Mud Bog" while I was down there. Big trucks try to get through a real big nasty impassible mud pit. they measure the distance they travel.


I thought it was kinda cool.. There was a old plymouth(dodge) pickup thingy that resembles a brat there... of course it has like 35 inch tires on it, and some loud as engine.. it did pretty well, but the jeeps beet it of course.


anyways... I need to redo some back shocks, every time I hit a bump at speed, the back end likes to bottom out,, It must be, cause my shocks been leaking crap for a spell... I am thinking converting some real coilovers from EA82 to go back there to help with load capacity as well.


anyways... I had a fun time, and had a bunch of looks from all the marines and hillbillys down there!!!


talk to you later.




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