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Put an ea81 motor in an ea82 car

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Has anyone on the board attempted this? I know it can be done! I'll hold out on what i know until i get a few replies............

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sorry to reply so late, the library computers have been down......


i had one in my sedan(its gone now during my absence)


here is what i came up with


I used the ea82 pitch bar mount and bracket, olts to the ea81 the same.

I used the ea82 water pump and water pipe to match up frot he radiator.

the crank pulley is aligned differently than the ea82 pump, so i spun on some fan nuts, and then the pulley.

i doubled up the alternator pulley by welding another one on, but the non ac style ea82 pulley would work the same

I used the ea81 engine mounts

i used the ea82 carb and intake, and the ea82 water pipe off the water pump

the exhaust fits the same(you have to use the ea82 pipe, because the ea81 doesnt come down far enough to clear the front crossmember.


i got it to run and drive out the building, but the nuts were loose to the rocker shaft(i got the motoor on trade, didnt know they were loose) all the pushrods fell out, i put it back together, was waiting for a feeler gauge, took a road trip, the car got junked while i was gone.


so how did you go about yours? whivh water pump did you use?


I also put an ea81 in a sedan with a 2wd auto. the bellhousing has to be more modified to fit the flexplate, and you have to put a spacer between the crank and flexplate.

my plan was to use an ea71 with an ea81 bellhousing modified to fit an ea82 tranny, but it got junked too

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Hey you put an EA82 in the trashwagon at WCSS5... so why cant you go the oppsosite route... simple as that....


I have actually SEEN overseas pictures of EA81 engines in EA82 (body) vehicles :D

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