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Custom stereo center console

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I am planning to build some custom center stereo consoles for the brat out of either fiberglass or Carbon fiber. There is a big problem with them not being able to fit an aftermarket stereo in due to clearences behind the console, I would fix this problem. I also want some feedback as to what else you might want installed in the console ie.. guages, cig lighter, switches and so on. What are you willing to pay for this console, this is what would determine how extensive/detailed the final product will be. Along with this I am also planning to do the shifter console and center box console. Brats (at least mine) does not have a built-in cup holder which I would include. Please let me know what you want!

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you couold mount the radio facing up at you at an angle to clear the heater box behind it, as long as it doesnt mess with the operation of the cd. some consoles came stock that way but thay are rare


personally i like to mount my gauges on the dasn, just under the headlight and wiper switches, if i made a console i would have a storage there i like it.


but maybe you could do both. if you mounted the gauges on the console you wont see the backsides of them like on the dash

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