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  1. archemitis

    History of USMB

    Wiring EFI has never been a "problem" for me,just a headache at times =], I decided years ago I would rather have a ball of wires than a jankey old worn out Hitachi Mines a 1.9 TDI so cooling should be easier to tackle than the soob motor(diesels are more efficient so they should run cooler). I think radiator placement hinders alot of people. They all want it to look stock, but also want water cooling.
  2. archemitis

    History of USMB

    Im glad this place is still around, I've always loved it... Seeing all those screen shots made my day! I remember when SUBARU meant slow clackey little econo car. Its so funny how nowadays Subaru means WRX and haulin rump roast! I also remember when I was appauled that ShawnW added a vanagon section, now years later I'm onto a similar path, kinda =] Too bad we cant get a flat 4 diesel over here... Are any of the old subaru offroad videos on youtube or out there anywhere? Subarubicon? Old USMB repair manual? Keep up the good work guys, and Thanks.
  3. I drove an xt6 with blown air shocks, sitting solely on the bump stops(till they broke off) for 6 hundred miles, most of that from milwaukee to minneapolis, my kidneys are still pissed at me. the only way to have a lowered old timey subaru is to stuff modern ej stuff under it and go high performance style. bump stops are so Honda...
  4. archemitis

    '80 hatch project

    Awesome hatch! I never ran a front swaybar, even at high highway speeds.
  5. um... its not a VW, lift the damn thing! I couldnt imagine how bad a lowered 80s subaru would ride, not to mention all the rust would get knocked off!
  6. Hello Bill,


    My name is Japheth. I'm new to the Suby world, having bought my first, a 1984 GL Wagon this summer! I quickly found that upgrading the wheels is next to impossible. Arggh. I know the posting that you put up offering a 4-6 lug drilling service is super old... but I would be into it if you are still offering... Also, I am in MINNEAPOLIS. I'm not very active on Ultimate Subaru, but I AM on MNSubaru (same screen name J-5). And, I can be reached via email: japheth@jastorlie.com or phone (225) 454-8584. Please just let me know what you think when you have a chance. Thanks and have a great day!!!

  7. wasnt that the only good part of the svx anyway? ej adapter plate against the dr 5speed... take out the front axles and drift that wagon dood. =]
  8. i wouldnt waste a dime on an ea82, especially when an adapter plate is cheap and you can run a modern ej. OH... and a stock non vtec honda will beat your rump roast. SWAP SWAP SWAP!
  9. I would put the motor in my wagon if i was you.
  10. oh ya, sport compact drag racing at rock falls raceway in wisconsin on the 23rd! you guys should go!
  11. sorry to hijack, but hey Miles and Numbchux! I just got a brand new 2000 outback! its got some problems, so Ill be around till I get em sorted
  12. a 6 cylinder in an ea? weird... :-\