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  1. SuperBrat

    Axle nut fell off 84 brat

    don't forget the cotter pin to hold the nut on from falling off
  2. I CHECKED IT OUT TODAY something to beat up not to restore ....does have 3 boxes of extra parts and a pair of t tops in bed the wheels are stamped Germany the tires are 90 % with spare matching rim its had a tough 61k miles
  3. Im looking at it Sat old guy is not firm on price he owns a huge junkyard.....let me know if you buy it he says he has a high top canopy also
  4. SuperBrat

    1984 brat

    2 fuel filters on brat one under brat by fuel tank other under hood
  5. My 81 Brat ignition key broke off I had to buy a complete parts brat after looking for 2 months for a switch so I hope you have better luck then I did
  6. Have a topper off 03 maroon Baja.... Great shape TRADE for silver one if your in same situation....North Idaho Also have a Silver Hardtop tonneau cover I will sell if I find silver canopy
  7. Im talking canopy are you talking tonneau cover?
  8. The only company that makes the Baja Canopy "ARE" has discontinued making them as of 2 months ago
  9. Nice to know ...my Baja also has a small filter drip...........