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Change piston rings on 1999 Legacy

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First: I have to change piston rings on my 1999 Legacy. (The new model). I have dismantled the cylinder heads and I wonder if I have to split the engine to take out the pistons.


Second: Do anyone have a desciption how I shall tighten the bolts of the cyliner heads. (sorry for bad English. Norwegian you see)


Greetings from Norway



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Actually, you have to remove the pistons before you can split the block. However, since you've got it this far apart, I would highly recommend taking it the rest of the way apart and putting in new bearings. To remove the pistons, you must pull the pins out through the holes in the sides of the block. On the older motors there were plugs that you had to remove, but I'm not sure how it's done on that engine.


Sorry, I don't have a headbolt tightening diagram on me. Any service manual for the car should have that in it.


Best of luck to you! (BTW: You speak better English than lots of people over here do:grin: .)

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