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Okay, I bought the Haynes for the 1600 and 1800 Subarus. While browsing through it, I found that there was an OHV Subaru engine that had the cam right below the crank, and the pushrods below the con rods. There was no timing belt, the cam was gear-driven by the crank.


What engine code is this? The EA71? And what cars had this engine? Remember, I've been a `80s-Subaru owner now for about 2 weeks :o .

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Okay, so an OHC 1800 is automatically an EA82? Regardless of induction (turbo/not, FI/carb)?


Then what is an EA71?


Thanks for quick response, caleb...

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EA81 - 1800cc OHV - carbed or turbo

EA71 - 1600cc OHV - carbed

EA82 - 1800cc OHC - carbed, spfi, mpfi or turbo

ER27 - 2700cc OHC 6cyl - mpfi - XT6

EG33 - 3300cc OHC 6cyl - mpfi - SVX

EJ30 - 3000cc OHC 6cyl - mpfi used in outback H6 3.0

EJ16 - 1600cc OHC - mpfi (used in UK? impreza L)

EJ18 - 1800cc OHC - mpfi (impreza L)

EJ20 - 2000cc OHC or DOHC mpfi or turbo (wrx)

EJ22 - 2200cc OHC (DOHC only in 22B impreza) Legacys and imprezas

EJ25 - 2500cc OHC or DOHC (only turbo in STi) 2.5rs, and most new 'roos


there are also earlier motors (like EA61 or EA 42 or something like that, used in early 70s and 60s modles) but I am not sure about what they were...


and from what I have seen/heard, the trannys are cross compatible between certain modles with minor or no mods.. (bolt on mostly) with these modles-


EA81, EA82 and ER27 trannys will interchange (depending on which clutch and flywheel is used)


EJ18,EJ20,EJ22,EJ25,EJ30,EG33 trannys should interchange, but with some modles (like the WRX or STi), the clutch setup is sometimes different- the turbo's used a Hydraulic clutch when the non-turbo's used a cable driven clutch.



and some of the ones listed above might not be completely accurate.. but thats what I have seen so far!


add that to your "subaru lingo" database :brow:

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