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Moab misadventure...or How I learned to stop worrying and love the tow rope.

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DId you FUBAR the oil pump at all?

Yes. The oil pressure sensor got smashed and broke off it's socket on the pump. A T-belt cover got cracked, and the the captive nuts for the front of the skid plate got pulled straight through the sheet metal. I've got all the parts I need to fix it though. Who knows, maybe with a new mouse gasket my brand new engine will stop ticking.


My keys fall out of the ignition sometimes when I'm wheeling.... so I hit the rock, and hopped out 'cause I thought I prolly buggered up the plate. Oil was shooting out at 50 psi, so I went to shut the engine down quick, but the keys had fallen out and were under the seat somewhere.


Ackkk! Shut it off! Shut it off! :lol:



As far as skid plates, I'm thinking of the Primitive one... Anybody have one of these on a EA82?

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If you've got access to a welder and stuff, make your own skidplate. If not, have a local fabricator do it for you for WAY cheaper than the Primitive ones.

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Side note on Moab.

Fresh water, really good too, comes out of a pipe in the rock. The spring is on the road that you can turn right on just out of town heading towards arches natnl. Park. The road is before the bridge. Up that road futrther is a campground on a bend in the river. decent prices, no shower, but that's what the rivers for.

In town, theres a 50's style diner with ice cream. good enough food, and hell of a lot fater than the brewery place, which is always packed. Nightlife includes waiting at the gas station and checking out the mean wheeling rigs that come through. There's a safeway or something like that for buying food and drinks... They have a seperate liquor section I believe.


Oh, out in the southwest.. Who has the lifted subaru near the enterance road to Mesa Verde park? I caught a glance at it and was like wow, cool.


We went on a southwest tour last summer, put 1000k on a rental blazer in a week and did some wheeling in BLM land near Moab. Just look for unmaintained roads and go, its fun in a rental. My mom was kinda skared by some of the dropoffs though. Lol. Memories.

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How did the welded diff work?


TOTW has very little slick rock, I'd assume your welded diff worked well in the sand/rock/ledges on that trail.


What was your assessment...

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