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I have a 95 Legacy with 66K miles. This weekend when I started it I didn't hold the ignition on for quite long enough so it didn't start. I immediately turned the key again and it fired up, but this time the idle went way up, the check engine light came on, and then the engine died.


I restarted the car again and all seemed fine, and has been fine for the last couple of days, except the check engine light stays on. I took it to the Autuzone, and they read the code which they said was for a "Idle Speed Sensor" which was a $336 part that they didn't have in stock. They tried to reset the light but got an "input error" on their computer so could not do it. Checking with the local dealer, it seems this part doesn't really exist, and they probably were referring to the Idle Air Control Valve.


Doing some research on here, it seems that the part can maybe be cleaned instead of replaced. It also seems to me that maybe this was a one time thing caused by failing to hold the ignition key on long enough the first time. I would like to begin by resetting the code to see if it even comes back. Can this be done by disconnecting the battery? How long does it need to be disconnected to remove the codes?


Any tips (pictures) to help if I need to remove and clean the Idle Air Control Valve?

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Guest jclay

I think you're on the right track in wanting to clear the codes, I'd say disconnect the battery for 45 minutes or so, reconnect, and see what happens. If it is the IAC, theres plenty of info here on cleaning. If you do need to replace, the JY may be an option...

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I would remove and clean it...remember you will need to adjust it when you put it back in so your car idles correctly


If its faulty, find a used one out of a yard...from an EJ22 should only cost you $20 bux or so


Have fun

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