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Tuning Up the Coupe

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OK..So this weekend I am planning on giving Lucky a tune-up. New Plugs,wires,cap,rotor, going to try and fix some of the mousey damage to some wires.


If this doesnt stop the misfire on cylinder 3....what else could it be?? Bad coil? Ditzy? (I have spares of both..I think..I know I have a coil)


I am also going to SeaFoam Lucky both in the crankcase and fuel tank. Bucky is getting the same treatment after an oil change.


This is the first time I have tried the SeaFoam ..used MMO before...I hope it helps.


Any other tips would be greatly appreciated....geesh I feel like the EA81 dufus of the board

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Carb cleaner,n' all that is going to do it wonders.Clean the old gas out.check all the lines.blow them out or replace what's easy enough.Fuel filter(s),does the '82 have 2 filters?And does it have the third fitting for vapor seperator(?).



Check disty for wobble.THe tune up kit will work wonders.Drain oil and heads too,maybe after a treatment if you use one.Get the coolant system flushed,intall a T fitting for flushing the heater core.Remember,you're in this for the long run.Avoid doing things twice or the expensive way.


Belts,those on the car have been drying out.


Check the ASV reed valves(chewed ends or bent,broken) and the plastic silencer downstream(melting,cracking).


Call me after 2PM if you need me.Good luck.

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Yikes,that carb was dirty,but it cleaned up real nice and quick...just looked yucky...waaaaaagh!....



I just took an old filter off tonight.It had the same undercoating on as the car....yikes! I ran a bottle of CD2 in the case for the ride up to Milford,drained and changed.

Still blowing that smoke.

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