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Bend Oregon Memorial Day Weekend

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I am heading over to Bend Oregon for memorial day weekend. I think I am going to head to the Cove Palisades with my lifted subaru and do some destruction in the party zone (note: Party zone; every year about 5000 people get together at the backside of Lake Billy/Cove Palisades to party for memorial day weekend). If anyone is down to meet me at the lake or in Bend I would be more than happy to get together. I would like to get a group of us together to go four wheeling, and for any of those prospects who would like to see a lifted subaru in action, should reply to this thread.


:banana: :banana: partying bannanas


James Malarkey


Allied Armament

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Oh your so gonna miss out. Marky and Jess will probably both be there. Dang why cant you get it off, quit your job...............




i would be there except i have to work.. the is the first Memorial day not in Bend, man i wanna go to the cove!:(

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