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  1. subaru_styles

    Lowest a 4WD GL can go?

    thats my coupe..tucking 60 series tires on the 13's
  2. hey can you let me know if you still have the EA82 light bar, and if so would you be willing to ship it (on my shipping dime obviously)

  3. Can I get pics of the ea82 arch repair panels....mackey_kris@yahoo dot com

  4. i have a 87gl-10 sedan 4wd want to talk have a few qquestions for u??

  5. subaru_styles

    Carbon Fiber Wrapped Hoods

    is normal colors (not carbon fiber) gonna be cheaper?
  6. subaru_styles

    Finished... 5 lug swap... Thank you

    so nissan front struts are a dirrect fit on xt6 knuckles? lol. just noticed that walgreens is the one a few blocks from my house
  7. subaru_styles

    back on the board and old gen section

    yeah its gonna look slightly different next time out...less of the 1998 look lol
  8. subaru_styles

    back on the board and old gen section

    i might do that...you want me to 5 lug it first
  9. ea-82 still for sale?

  10. subaru_styles

    Lowering a Loyale

    you can go lower
  11. subaru_styles

    back on the board and old gen section

    yeah. got my rump roast in gear to start working on "the wagon" since i havent touched it in 5 years, decided to sell off all my 2.2t conversion parts and just put a stock unmodified (but intercooled!) motor in there so it will at least move on its own. also been working on a mk1 cabriolet for our summer cruiser
  12. subaru_styles

    back on the board and old gen section

    and this is what took me away
  13. some of you know me, if not HI i took a couple years break from the usmb.... but my RX is back in action so looks like ill be throwing my 2cents around here again! old pic:grin:
  14. subaru_styles

    "E-code" headlights

    i got them from ebay germany
  15. subaru_styles

    "E-code" headlights

    yep, they exist, i actually have 2 sets. started a thread like 4 years ago listing all the diferences with them